We planning & set up Kebab shops and Kebab factories worldwide.

Mr. Sahin: one of our main chefs

German Turkish Döner Kebab (GTD Kebab) food planning is run under the guidance of our Executive Chef, Mr. Sahin Bulut.
With world-class dining experience of serving prominent places like Princess Hotel Casino (Bulgaria) and World Exposition Shanghai (China), Chef Sahin has been setting up menus and recipes for Döner Kebab across the globe. One can recognise the capability and experience of Mr. Sahin as he has served as a mentor to famous Chef Nusrat of Salt Restaurant.

Only the best quality!

Only the best food!

*We are producing complete DONER KEBAB MEAT LINES,MACHINES, EQUIPMENTS. - .Gastronome equipments.
With high quality, 2 years warranty.CE certificate.

%100 made in Turkey.

What are you Planing?

A variety of food
*franchise system.
*want to open Kebab-Gyros store.
*want to know ,how to produce Kebab-Gyros.
*marinade,cutting kebab,sale ,serving .
*want to buy Kebab machines.Grill


Small and large business

Small or large business , do not hesitate.
Pleas contact us, we Advice you. T ake advantage of our experience.

Fresh / frozen Kebab meat lines, for producing 50  to 10.000 kg.per day.
*Training with Kebab Masters ho haves 25 years experiences